The World of Novus Malum

As a long-established barrier recedes, curiosity meets confrontation.

Death! Destruction! Greed! Sacrifice! Preservation!

The World of Novus Malum

In the three millennia which have elapsed since the Long War, these terms remain synonymous with the ancient, brutal events in which the Dark Dragon Lord Melboroth cast aside alliances & friendships, seeking to enslave the continent of Seldar. Greedy for territory, greedy for followers, greedy for omnipotence. Nearly achieved but for the sacrificial efforts of Terazaith, the Dragon Lord of Light, who vanquished Melboroth and sealed all who followed him within the Fallen Kingdom.

To those who exist outside of this place – the true name of which has become lost to myth – the Great Shroud provides a constant reminder of that which brought a continent to its knees. In a final act of defiance, the dank, dense cloud of grey summoned by Terazaith has encased the Fallen Kingdom for generations. Nobody and nothing have been seen to enter; nobody and nothing have been seen to leave. Those who have ventured nearby report an aura of eerie silence, of almost-nothingness. For the centuries that have since passed, it is this which has become the border to the east of the Royal Kingdom of Konior, the second largest country within Seldar.

The World of Novus Malum

Since the legendary battles that threatened to destroy its very existence, Konior has evolved to become a relative haven for its citizens in the post-war years. The Kingdom has grown in both agricultural and industrial power. It is now admired for its democratic governance and diplomats are highly respected as they work to maintain peace throughout the continent. As these focuses have sharpened, so has the interest in military engagement and innovation waned. Perhaps underpinned by an ever-growing trust in the peace which has enveloped their shores, a heavy reliance is now placed on the northern principality of Anvil Keep for any armed protection.

Yet the equilibrium of this life, something that is all the current inhabitants of Konior have ever known, appears to be changing. Raging storms have become frequent in recent months and an unusual, yet unmistakable chill is now apparent in the night sky. There have been reports of strange-looking creatures appearing in nearby forests, their origin unknown. Rumour has it that the Great Shroud, the most reassuring of signs and a constancy of protection against the unknown that lies within, is weakening...

Dwarves of Anvil Keep vs. Knomes of Knarlwood

where will your loyalties lie

  • Captain Kragnair vs Alto Mage Zizka
    The leader showdown...
  • Dwarf Hammerers vs Knome Skirmishers
    Up close and personal with the melee units...
  • Dwarf Guardians vs Knome Hunters
    The ranged units let them fly…