Enviro Why?

At Enviro Games, our mission is to produce games which are fun, engaging and developed with an environmental conscience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but through our initial release, Novus Malum, we have made our first steps towards this by:

  1. using paper-based components derived from sustainably managed forests;
  2. leveraging printing processes which avoid oil-based feedstocks;
  3. removing oil-based plastic components wherever possible and
  4. using miniatures produced from less harmful printing materials, moulds with multiple production cycles and ability to re-use mis-casts and sprues (which are typically otherwise discarded).
  5. Teaming up with local design, printing and manufacturing partners in the development of our game, not only supporting the local economy but also reducing the need for travel between sites!

As the business matures, we have plans to further develop the environmental conscience of our products. Ultimately, we want our customers to know that through our offerings, they can happily “roll the dice, but not with our planet”.